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Children evacuated from Omagh primary school amid security alert

A security alert is underway at a primary school in Omagh after police received reports a device had been left at the school.

Police in Omagh are currently at the scene at Omagh County Primary School in Campsie Road after information was received suggesting a device had been left at the school.

The Campsie Road has been closed and pupils have been evacuated to Omagh High School in Crevenagh Road where they can be collected by parents.

West Tyrone DUP MLA Tom Buchanan visited the school and talked to staff from the primary school and the high school where pupils were evacuated to.

He said it was a "beneath contempt".

He said: ‘It is hugely distressing that a primary school has been evacuated as a result of a security alert.

"Whilst we still do not have the full details surrounding the situation it is obviously very worrying for everyone involved. Thankfully, all of the pupils were safely evacuated to Omagh High School and I know that parents are very grateful for the actions of staff at both Omagh County and Omagh High School who dealt with the situation quickly and professionally.

"We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to staff working in such circumstances where they will not have known exactly what they were dealing with.

"Police have stated they received information that a device was left at the school so evacuation was the only option open to them. However, that anyone would either leave a device in a school or cause such an alert through a hoax is beneath contempt."

Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff  condemned those responsible for the security alert.

He said: "This incident has brought nothing but disruption to Omagh.

"It has disrupted school communities, retail trade in the town and brought traffic to a standstill and main arterial routes.

"This is not the message we want our school children to be receiving in today's society.

"It serves no purpose whatsoever and must be condemned. 

"Whoever was responsible for this has no support in the community," he added.

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