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Children ‘torturing’ Cloverhill residents

Unruly children are making the lives of people in the Cloverhill area of Bangor a misery.

According to DUP MLA Peter Weir, the culprits are primary school children.

“As a public representative one of the most frustrating and disappointing issues that I face on a regular basis is neighbours being tortured by anti-social behaviour. It is particularly disappointing not only because of how frequently and in how many areas it occurs, and because of the limitations of actions that the authorities can take, but also because of the age range of those involved.

“While the focus is often on older youths, it is disturbing to see the involvement of very young children in activities which create nuisance for their neighbours.

“This is what has been happening in the Cloverhill Glen area at present. The level of anti-social behaviour is not at the top end of the scale, but nevertheless unruly children, mostly of primary school age, are creating regular disturbances by running through people’s gardens, destroying plants and property, staring in people’s window and generally being a nuisance.

“Such activity which is unlikely ever to be the highest ever priority for the police, has the capacity to grind people’s lives down on a day to day basis, and can be very intimidating, particularly for the elderly.”

Mr Weir said the Justice Department, under Minister David Ford, had promised to come up with a new strategy for tackling antisocial behaviour. “We must await this with interest, but I believe that the biggest agent in combating anti-social behaviour lies in the home,” he continued. “Most parents — and indeed most children — act in a socially responsible fashion, but it is vital that those minority of parents whose children are involved in this activity step up to the plate, and ensure that their children are kept under control and away from this activity. Cloverhill residents deserve some peace, and the children and the parents who are responsible have within their power to deliver this.”

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