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Children watch as death driver crash scene is recreated on the Falls Road in Belfast

By Amanda Ferguson

The horrific reality of the consequences of 'death driving' has been recreated in a disturbing and emotional dramatisation.

Young people and families of the victims of so-called joyriders watched on as the emergency services recreated a crash scene on the Falls Road in Belfast – an area notorious for car crime.

The dramatisation was organised by the Falls Residents Association in partnership with the Families Bereaved Through Car Crime support group, the Northern Ireland Fire Service, the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

The horror of a fatal crash scene and the subsequent response by the emergency services was played out to members of the public by actors and emergency services staff in an effort to highlight the dangers of car crime and its impact on communities.

The event was also organised to promote the positive face of the overwhelming majority of young people from the west Belfast area and how they interact well with the emergency services.

The initiative came on the back of attacks on the fire service in Albert Street and upsurge in car crime over the last few months. In some cases footage of joyriding has appeared on the internet.

On Twitter, West Belfast MP Paul Maskey described the dramatic recreation as "a powerful initiative that will have a lasting impact on all in attendance".

Mr Maskey told the Belfast Telegraph: "It was an event to highlight the important issue that car crime is. It was an emotional day. Some young school children in attendance were very emotional and families who have lost people were crying.

"Today sent a loud and clear message to anyone thinking of getting involved in car crime that human lives can be lost."

Following the demonstration there was an information event in St Peter's Youth Club. A number of people spoke including fire officers, victim support group representatives and those involved in youth justice.


Road Traffic Collision Fatalities in Northern Ireland

2012: 48

2013: 57

2014: 13 so far (7 drivers, five pedestrians and one passenger)

Source: PSNI

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