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Children’s hospital visits cut

Visiting at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children is being restricted to parents and guardians only from now.

The number of visitors is also being limited to two people. The measures are to prevent the spread of winter viruses that can be particularly harmful to babies and small children who are already ill.

Parents and guardians are also being asked to wash/disinfect their hands when entering and leaving wards and also before and after contact with their children.

While a child has a virus respiratory infection he or she will be cared for in a room along with other infected infants but separate from the main ward and will be nursed by designated nursing staff.

According to the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust this measure is purely precautionary, aimed at reducing the potential for cross infection.

All planned surgery will go ahead and Outpatient Clinics will operate as normal. The situation will be monitored and the restrictions will be relaxed as soon as possible.

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