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Childrens' 'terrorist' costumes 'insulting'

'Terrorist' children's costumes on sale in Strabane have been described as "racist" and "insulting".

The costumes, available in a Halloween store in Lower Main Street, show a child wearing an Osama bin Laden-type outfit, a camouflage vest and a turban.

Retailing at £20, the costume packaging portrays the child also wearing a bin Laden-style beard and with his hands in the air.

When contacted, the shop owner said that while he did not agree with the 'terrorist' tag on the costumes, the clothing was not meant to be insulting in any way.

Strabane Ethnic Community Association's Bobby Rao claimed the costumes would damage the good relations built up between nationalities locally. "No-one wants to see children in terrorist outfits and they should be removed," he said.

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