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Chinese couple face deportation after swoop on restaurant

A Chinese couple are awaiting deportation after being caught working illegally in Co Tyrone.

The pair, both aged 36, were arrested after Home Office officials swooped on a restaurant on Thursday.

The raid at Lee's Kitchen on Gortmerron Link Road, Dungannon, followed a tip-off.

Mike Golden, from immigration enforcement in Northern Ireland, said: "Using illegal labour is not a victimless crime. It cheats the taxpayer, undercuts businesses who ply an honest trade and deprives legitimate job seekers of employment opportunities.

"There are simple checks employers can carry out to ensure their employees have the right to work in the UK. Those who choose to ignore the rules will face the consequences.

"We expect everyone here illegally to leave the UK voluntarily; for those who don't the message is clear. We will find, detain and remove you."

The man and woman have since been transferred to an immigration detention centre pending their removal from Northern Ireland.

Their employers have also been warned of a potential £20,000 fine unless proof of appropriate right-to-work checks can be provided.


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