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Christine Bleakley takes shine to dog described as 'Richard Gere lookalike'

By Nevin Farrell

Has Christine Bleakley been taken with the charms of Richard Gere?

Her footballing fiancé Frank Lampard has nothing to worry about as Christine was just eyeing up a dog described by a Northern Ireland animal charity as a 'Richard Gere lookalike'.

The Co Down TV star has been home to Newtownards in recent days along with Frank and the couple visited the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig.

Scamper the terrier dog is one of the animals awaiting a home and it has become famous at the centre as being a 'lookalike' for Hollywood heart-throb Richard Gere.

Assisi Animal Sanctuary manager Heather Weatherup said: "Christine and Frank were just in and had a wander around and they were standing looking at our dogs including a black and tan terrier Richard Gere lookalike Scamper.

"We had a chat and welcomed them and I told them it was funny they were celebrities and they were looking at another 'celebrity'."

Visitors can house animals from the centre which has dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, but the manager confirmed the couple did not leave with any animal.

"We were pleased they chose to visit us though," Ms Weatherup added.

Assisi's website describes Scamper as "affectionate but can be jumpy until he really trusts you. He would be best suited to a quiet home with no children and no other pets".

Christine and Frank also posed for a photo after jogging to Newtownards landmark Scrabo Tower. Christine tweeted: "Nothing like a run to the top of #Scrabotower #Newtownards to clear away the cobwebs. Loving #home x"

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