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Christine Bleakley's 1p fitness DVD leads way as shoppers muscle in on net bargains

By Claire McNeilly

Spending a penny has never been more rewarding.

Do you know that you can now pick up a copy of Christine Bleakley's highly-rated fitness DVD for just 1p?

Christine Bleakley: The Workout - which the Newtownards-born TV presenter made after being inspired by her sister Nicola's seven-stone weight loss five years ago - is available on Amazon for the smallest amount you can charge for an item in the UK.

The new, fabulously wealthy Mrs Lampard, who turned 37 last week, won't be coining it in at that price, but the DVD is one of the best things that come up when bargain hunters key '1p' into the search engines of the online retailers.

A glance at the myriad of goods on offer at that low price includes an 02 Pay and Go Combi Sim card, a Disney Cars 2 stationery set, a DVD laser lens cleaner and the appropriately titled How Low Can You Go: Round Europe For 1p return (+ tax), Tom Chessyre's amusing travelogue.

Many of these loss-leader items are available postage free too, so you really are only spending a penny.

Even so, there are some items you surely wouldn't go near even at that price. Like Paparazzi Shades, which "blank out your eyes the way newspapers do when they don't want to identify someone", or the Dance The Macarena video... on VHS. There is some decent music to be had for 1p if you're prepared to look for it. When Belinda Carlisle was riding high in the charts in the Eighties she surely didn't envisage her Best of Belinda (Volume 1) CD to be available for a mere penny.

Ditto the likes of Prince, Supergrass, The Thrills, Kelly Clarkson, Stereophonics and Glenn Miller.Retail expert Donald McFetridge, based at the Ulster University business school, said he wouldn't be surprised to see 1p shops cropping up. "A new retail phenomenon has arrived as consumers are being offered merchandise for 1p, particularly on the internet," he said.

"We are so used to being able to pick up items for £1 in pound shops, it wouldn't surprise me if some entrepreneurs came up with the concept of 1p shops.

"It would attract a lot of attention on the high street and it would also definitely help town centre rejuvenation."

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