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Christine Frampton's agony: Champ Carl's wife goes through rollercoaster of emotions

Christine Frampton could barely look as husband Carl touched the canvas twice in the first round of his tough 12-round World title fight with Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez jr , writes David Kelly.

So used to seeing her champion hubby dominate opponents with his powerful fists, this was one of the rare moments when she was feeling worried as he made his American debut at the Don Haskins Centre in El Paso, Texas.

The Belfast boxer held onto his IBF World super-bantamweight title - but it wasn't easy, and he had to dig deep.

Christine said: "The only other time I was afraid was when he fought Kiko Martinez because we knew that he could punch. But we didn't expect to see him go down - it was heart attacks all round in the first round.

"But I'm really proud at the way he came back to win the fight. Obviously we're all a bit disappointed because he wanted to impress the Americans with a knockout but he still did impress.

"I wasn't feeling too good afterwards though, I had to get some nachos to calm myself down."

Christine and Carl will return home tonight and then they plan to take a holiday with four-year-old Carla and eight-month old son Rossa. The couple have been away from each other for long periods as the Jackal prepared for Saturday's big fight live on American television.

"We had thought about getting Rossa a passport but I think we'll do something, personally I'd love to go camping - I'll have to check the internet to see where's good to go," added Christine.

Carl's dad Craig and mum Flo were also at ringside for the exciting fight. Craig, who helps out at the Jackal's old amateur club Midland in Tigers Bay, admitted he was shocked to see his son on the canvas for the first time.

Dad Craig said: "I'm very proud of him. He had to dig deep and he got through it and I suppose that's what champions do - it's the first time I've ever seen him down.

"Carl said the lad could hit, he felt every punch and I think he was underestimated."

Fight fan Sam Cochrane had travelled from Belfast to support the Jackal and admitted that he was relieved to see the IBF champion coming out on top.

"I go to all of Carl's fights and I think that maybe this was a wake-up call that he needed. In fact I think he will be a better fighter for it," said Sam.

Crucially for Carl, it would seem that his performance went down very well with the American TV fans. Stephen Espinosa of Showtime Sports believes he can become a major star Stateside.

"The Sky's the limit with Carl Frampton. He has a great style, he punches very hard and he has already attracted a lot of attention. We're always looking for the next big star to emerge and I believe Carl can be very big in the States."

Scary moment as Carl hits the canvas

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