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Christmas 2015 video of missionary Sister Clare Crockett is released

By Claire Williamson

The Order of a Derry nun killed in an earthquake in Ecuador has released footage of her final Christmas.

Sister Clare Crockett was based at a school in Playa Prieta with the Home of the Mother Order.

She died when a stairwell collapsed in the school on April 17. The missionary of 15 years was teaching young children to play the guitar when the disaster occurred.

She had been trying to lead them to safety when the four-storey building collapsed on top of them.

Sister Clare was described as "a diamond of the family" by a relative, who said she died as she lived - "helping people".

"Everybody loved her, she was a superstar," said cousin Emmet Doyle.

The footage shows Sister Clare playing the guitar during a Christmas Eve dinner in 2015 - which would, sadly, be her last.

Posting the footage, the Order said: "We share these images of Sr Clare Crockett playing the guitar during Christmas Eve dinner 2015: her last Christmas here on Earth.

"We hope that her joy may reach you all and encourage you to welcome the birth of baby Jesus with that same enthusiasm."

It was during a pilgrimage when she was just 17 that she found God.

In another video complied by the Order, it shows her saying: "So I don't know what to do with myself now.

"I could become really famous and really rich, or I can come here and pray to God that I made the right decision."

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