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Church leader took indecent photos of girl aged 15

A former church youth group leader jailed last May for having sex with a 15-year-old girl has been jailed again for taking indecent photographs of her.

Belfast Crown Court Judge Gemma Loughran ordered that Jamie McKeag (23) serve an extra six months, making his total sentence one of two years, to be followed by two years parole.

McKeag, from Wedderburn Gardens in Belfast, admitted making eight images of the teenager.

Judge Loughran told McKeag his "fixation with this 15-year-old was inexcusable" and his offending was all the more serious as he had taken the pictures even though he knew he was under investigation for his illicit affair.

The judge, who banned him from working with children and ordered him to remain on the police sex offenders' register for life, said she was sentencing on the basis of what jail term he would have originally received last May.

Prosecutor Amanda Brady said the offences came to light when the girl's mother found the images on her daughter's computer.

She said that the eight pictures, of catagory one, the least serious in child pornography, were not ready to be submitted when McKeag was originally prosecuted.

Judge Loughran originally sentenced McKeag last May after he pleaded guilty to four offences of sexual activity with the schoolgirl over a two-month period at the beginning of January 2010.

At the time the court was told the former captain of Friends rugby team was studying for a diploma in theology and "could have had so much to offer people and that has all been lost to him, all through his own fault".

Judge Loughran said it was her duty to "signal society's abhorrence at such sexual activity".

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