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Church of England report branded Marxist

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By Gavin Cordon

A Church of England report which attacked key policies of Margaret Thatcher's government was denounced as "Marxist" by one of her closest advisers.

The publication of Faith In The City in December 1985 was seen as a landmark event, sparking intense public debate about the role of the Church in society and the impact of Thatcherism at a time of inner-city breakdown and perceived rising inequality.

The report, which had been commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, referred to the Government's "dogmatic and inflexible" economic policies and the "unacceptable" effects of high unemployment.

Brian Griffiths, head of the No 10 Policy Unit, said it showed "a deep hostility to government policy and the philosophy on which it is based" and accused the Church of adopting a "Marxist analysis" of society.

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