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Cigarettes seized in customs raid

More than 185,000 counterfeit cigarettes have been seized in a customs raid in Belfast.

Tobacco and 157 litres of wine were hidden in containers in a warehouse. Cash and business records were also seized.

Two men were arrested but later released on bail.

John Whiting, assistant director in charge of criminal investigations at Revenue and Customs, said: "We found a mixture of smuggled and counterfeit goods at this warehouse ready to be sold on to an unsuspecting public.

"Local people may be lured into buying cheap alcohol or cigarettes, thinking they are getting a bargain, but it's more likely they're getting exactly what they paid for - a cheap product with unknown content.

"The reality is that these sales are unlicensed and unregulated and often those involved are not concerned if they are selling to under-age young people."


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