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Cinderella reaction: So what did movie fans think of the film?

By Amanda Ferguson

Cinema fans emerging from the Movie House in Belfast gave a resounding thumbs-up to the Disney remake of Cinderella.

The film, directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh, stars Lily James, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham-Carter, Cate Blanchett and a host of other stars.

Christine and James McGreevy from Belfast brought their daughter Emma to the Nicva and Into Film screening yesterday.

James said: "Emma thought the stepmother needed a punch in the nose and she got very excited when Cinderella put the shoe on."

Christine added: "I thought the film was very good." Christine Elliot from Belfast took her 10-year-old daughter Ellen to the screening as a birthday treat.

Christine said: "I think the Cinderella character is a good role model. The film is fantastic."

Ellen enjoyed the movie too. "The film was brilliant," she said.

"I liked her dress and the story. I think Cinderella is kind and sweet to animals."

Emma Sheppard from Belfast brought her children Eva (11), Teddy (9) and Bonnie (5) to the screening along with their friend Shannon Lawlor.

Eva said: "The film was great. Some parts were sad, like when the parents died. It was really fun too.

"Cinderella was very pretty. She is kind and she doesn't cuss, like some celebrities do."

Bonnie (5) said: "I liked Cinderella's shoes."

Shannon (9) also liked Cinderella. "It was really good," she said. "She is pretty and kind."

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