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Civil servants and GAA officials 'able to get PSNI report changed'

By Staff Reporter

Safety experts were told pressure could be put on the PSNI to get a police report changed, a Stormont committee has been told.

The claims were made by Sport NI safety expert Paul Scott, but denied by both senior PSNI and GAA officials.

Mr Scott, who was appearing before the culture, arts and leisure committee as it investigated controversial plans to revamp the GAA's Casement Park in Belfast, had already told MLAs that he was put under pressure to pass health and safety plans, despite fears a 38,000-capacity stadium could not be vacated safely in an emergency.

Yesterday Mr Scott said he had been told the department and GAA had access to high-ranking police officers and would be able to get a PSNI report changed.

But Chief Inspector Anthony McNally insisted that when the GAA spoke to police chiefs, "there was never, through any of those conversations, any effort to put pressure on the police to change the report".

And GAA official Ryan Feeney said he emphatically denied Mr Scott's allegations, and was taking legal advice with a view to immediate action.

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