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Civil servants awarded £2million in bonuses

Northern Ireland’s army of civil servants have bagged over £2m in bonuses over the past three years despite the worst global economic downturn in decades.

Over 1,000 civil servants were handed £2,223,397 in bonus payements between 2009 and 2012, according to the Londonderry Sentinel.

The largest bonus payments were made at the Department of Social Development; £216k in 2011/12; £176k in 2010/11; £235k in 2009/10, while at the Department of Finance and Personnel employees received £146k in 2011/12; £140k in 2010/11; £117k in 2009/10. Only at the Department of the Environment (DoE) were no payments made last year.

The bonuses come in a decade which has seen a 40% rise in the number of civil servants, with 500 more staff now needed to make Northern Ireland function compared to the turn of the millennium, according to Finance Minister Sammy Wilson’s response to an Assembly Question.

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