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Claim around 1,000 cars flooded at Belfast International Airport car park - and drivers not told

Belfast International Airport
Belfast International Airport

Claims have been made up to 1,000 cars were flooded in last month's torrential rain while at a Belfast International Airport car park - with customers saying they were never informed when they returned from their travels.

At least two cars have been written-off by insurers after heavy rain on July 28 but the BBC Nolan show has reported the true figure could be well in excess of 100 cars while customers said staff said up to 1,000 could be affected.

Motoring organisations urged those who think their car was affected to take it to a garage as soon as possible. Scores of people contacted the BBC show to say they were affected.

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It is understood the affected cars were parked in an overflow car park with fears some people may have driven their flood damaged cars home unsuspectingly. People affected said their insurance company had written off their vehicle and increased premiums.

Belfast International Airport has not commented on the situation or confirmed how many of its customers have been affected. Both the BBC and the Belfast Telegraph has approached the company for a response.

Customers said they had only heard from the airport's legal representatives.

Nick, speaking on the Nolan show, said he has been informed by his insurance company that his car is likely to be written-off due to the damage caused.

"I have heard absolutely nothing else from the airport. I have had a couple of messages from the solicitors for me to give them my insurance details. Apart from that, nothing."

Nick said that a salvage professional who came to take his car away for the insurance company told him in excess of 100 cars had been flooded.

He said: "I don't blame the airport for there being a flood. It was quite clearly an unprecedented amount of rain and there was flooding throughout Northern Ireland.

"It is the way the airport has subsequently decided to treat me as a customer. My car was there for 13 days after the flooding incident and they had my details.

"I am not asking them to try and assess my car or to work out whether my car has been flooded or not but I don't think it is beyond the duty of care to just inform me that there had been an incident and to make arrangements not to potential drive an unsafe car home with my family in it."

Emma told the Nolan Show that she arrived back at the airport at 3am following a holiday and discovered her car had been flooded.

She said: "The car park was full and they put us into an overflow car park which was actually a field. When the heavy rain happened on that particular Saturday my sister had sent us some pictures through WhatsApp of the terrible weather and I thought 'oh my car is in a field in the airport, I am never going to get it out whenever I get it home next week'.

"So I emailed the car park twice and left two messages for someone to call me back and they didn't. So I presumed everything was fine. I arrived home, 3am, got into the car, wondered what the smell was and then realised there was about a foot of water in it."

Emma said her car has now been written off.

She also claimed that when her husband returned to the car the next day to clear it out, a member of staff at Belfast International Airport told her nearly 1,000 cars had been affected.

She added: "The airport has handled it very badly because they have not had any communication directly with us as customers, it went straight to a solicitor."

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