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Clampers target showroom's cars for sale

A ‘disgusted’ and ‘disgraced’ car showroom manager has hit out at the DVA who clamped three for sale cars outside his Lindsay Ford showroom in Mallusk.

The shocked salesman called the Stephen Nolan Show to talk about the incident which occurred during rush hour traffic.

He explained how three cars, which were parked at the entrance of the Mallusk premises were clamped setting him back £780 for their release.

Although the vehicles were parked on private property, the DVA informed Mr Gallagher that they ‘were just doing their job’ as the motors were ‘hindering public access’ to the showroom.

“We, by no means want to hinder access to this building in this climate,” Mr Gallagher retorted.

After being informed of the incident, Environment Minister Alex Attwood called the manager and apologized for the inconvenience promising him a full refund.

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