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Clamping and removals crackdown for illegal parking in Belfast bus lanes

Vehicles parked illegally in Belfast bus lanes will be clamped and removed, the Infrastructure Minister said.

The zero-tolerance operation is aimed at inconsiderate drivers who block arterial routes into and out of the city at peak times.

Offenders already face a £90 fine but Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard has introduced additional steps to reduce the number of infringements.

He said: "It is of great concern that vehicles continue to park in bus lanes and urban clearway routes during operational hours, causing significant delays and congestion for commuters on their journeys to and from work.

"All it takes is one inconsiderate driver to leave their vehicle parked illegally in a bus lane or on a clearway for a short period of time, causing inconvenience to countless others.

"These illegally parked vehicles can cause delays and congestion for several hours, not only in the immediate location but also in the surrounding areas.

"To deal with this problem I plan to deploy an enforcement vehicle to carry out the removal and clamping of illegally parked vehicles in bus lanes and on clearways."

In February, the mobile CCTV enforcement vehicle will park on footways, where it is safe to do so, to enforce bus lane restrictions.


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