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Cleric's blessing for exotic fashion event at St Anne's

By Allan Preston

A cathedral might not be the first venue you would think of for a fashion event, but a senior cleric has insisted he has heard no objections to it being transformed for a catwalk show.

The Rev Mark Niblock of St Anne's told the Belfast Telegraph last night that those involved with the cathedral were confident it would be treated with respect.

"In the planning stages we ensure that any changing areas and things like that were hidden from public view," he said.

"Over the course of the day there's been a great buzz while people are setting things up.

"It's a great array of colour and different styles.

"By and large I think we're all taking it in the spirit in which it's being done.

"We always enjoy hosting it, it's a great showcase of creativity in the city.

"Obviously in the space the cathedral offers, it's a place of prayer and spirituality and a place that a lot of people invest a lot of love in, in terms of their own family members and friends within the membership of the cathedral.

"Essentially, as with any user that comes in, we would expect they respect the surroundings, but certainly I'm not aware of any sensitivities or fears the fashion show wouldn't do that."

However Rev Niblock, who spoke on behalf of the cathedral last night in the current absence of a Dean, said he had no plans to watch the event himself.

"I've to go home and put the children to bed," he explained.

St Anne's has played host to an eclectic range of events over recent years, including dance music and other fashion shows.

And during the annual Belfast Culture Night in August the cathedral hosted Belfast School of Music's CBSM Drum and Brass band.

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