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Cliff fall tragedy mum: 'They got too close to the cliff top and bumped into each other... Logan tripped and went over the edge'

Mum's anguish as she tells of fall while boys played

By Chris Kilpatrick

A mother has described the devastating moment her son told how his seven-year-old brother had fallen down a 60ft cliff to his death.

Logan Crawford died from his injuries after losing his balance while playing with his sibling and another child at a north coast beauty spot.

His distraught mother Charlieen wept as she told the Belfast Telegraph a light had gone out in her life after the Father's Day tragedy.

Speaking at their Ballycastle home, Mrs Crawford said her husband Robin ran to the cliff-edge to try and help the stricken child after the other children ran back home for help. Following a desperate hour-long search, Logan was found in the water at the bottom of the cliffs.

The accident happened in Ballycastle, close to a caravan park on Clare Road, at around 7pm on Sunday.

"Logan, Orion and their wee friend were playing at the top of Silver Cliffs and they got too close to the edge, and from what I was told they bumped into each other," Mrs Crawford said.

"Logan tripped and went over. Orion and their wee friend came running back down.

"Another wee boy ran to his mummy and they called for help.

"Orion and Robin then ran out of the house to see if they could find him.

"Then it was just police and helicopters everywhere.

"We thought they were playing out the front then we heard a lot of kids out the back, and presumed they were all playing there."

The coastline is a five-minute walk from the family's home at Marconi Park.

Logan had been playing in the sunshine with other children before wandering from the estate.

The boys made their way to a field and were playing at the top of the cliff when Logan slipped. Mrs Crawford was comforting Orion (5) and her third child, Leo (2), yesterday.

She smiled through tears when asked to describe Logan.

"He was a cheeky wee monkey at times, but he was just the life and soul of everything," she said.

"He could cheer you up with a simple wee smile. He was a light in our lives. The more you told him not to do something the more he did it. He loved football and he loved Man United. He just loved sports and riding on his bike.

"The bike he had was two sizes too big for him, but he was so happy he could ride it anyway. He loved posing for pictures. Every time his photo was taken at school and it was in the paper, we had to cut them out and stick them up for ages.

"He always had a wee smiley face. We'll miss him so much."

Logan was lifted from the scene by an RAF helicopter. Despite being rushed to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine, he was pronounced dead a short time later.

A special assembly was held yesterday morning at Logan's school, Ballycastle Integrated Primary.

Specially-trained counsellors spent the day at the school speaking to his classmates and staff.

Principal Diana Evans said Logan was "an absolute pleasure" to have as a pupil.

"He was a wonderful wee boy with a real zest for life," she said.

"He was one of the most well-mannered, polite little boys I have ever taught. Everyone loved him because he was a real character and such a joy to be around.

"We have such fond memories of Logan; he always took great pride in his hair and it brought a smile to my face every day I saw him walking through the dining room doors with his wonderful hairstyle. He was just one of those little boys who holds a special place in your heart.

"Logan will be hugely missed by the whole school – there is a void which will never be filled."

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