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Cliff top rescuers coax dog to safety with a tasty treat

By Nevin Farrell

A tasty treat helped lure a trapped dog down from its perilous position on a 100ft high cliff on the north coast.

The dog was stuck on a ledge perched high above the sea - but a quick-thinking Coastguard members tempted the pet to safety with a doggie treat as the rescuer hung over the edge using ropes and a winch.

The rescue mission was mounted yesterday morning when the Springer Spaniel - understood to have been walked by a local man - tumbled over the cliff at Clare Road, Ballycastle, and got stuck.

Locals said it was a lucky escape for the dog as the chances of landing on the ledge were slim.

The cliff has been the scene of a number of tragedies in recent years.

Coleraine Coastguard's Facebook page said: "The Coleraine Coastguard Team was tasked in support of Ballycastle Coastguard who were proceeding to rescue a dog, trapped on a dangerous sea cliff.

"After the appearance of a tasty treat, the young Springer Spaniel was persuaded by the rope rescue technician into the animal rescue bag. Canine casualty and Coastguard rescuer were then winched to safety."

Coastguard chiefs have reminded people of the dangers of walking close to cliff tops.

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