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Cliftonville stars allege Windsor Park death threat


Linfield Football Club has declined to comment on alleged sectarian abuse and death threats directed toward two Cliftonville players until the "full facts" have been established.

The culb said it wouldn't comment until a complaint was made directly about claims that the two footballers were abused as they watched a match from the crowd at Windsor Park on Saturday.

Cliftonville striker Liam Boyce and his club-mate Conor Devlin needed a police escort from the grounds after an incident at Saturday's Premiership game between Linfield and Glentoran.

The pair said they were left stunned after sectarian abuse and a death threat was levelled at them during the match – which they were watching after receiving tickets from a Linfield player.

Boyce explained to his 6,000 Twitter followers that one supporter had threatened to "cut our throats".

"Watching the Linfield match and all fans were dead on and having bit of banter which I've no problem with but there's always one to ruin it starts shouting "cliftonville c****, "Fenian b*****s" and "get out of our ground," Boyce wrote.

The shocked footballer said the male fan, in his 30s, had directed further sectarian abuse at them.

"But that's not the end. As game went on he shouting 'Boyce, Devlin I'll cut your throats on way out'. Hada get a lift to car and escorted from ground by police... was sheep white," Boyce wrote.

Yesterday, Boyce told the Belfast Telegraph he didn't want to add anything to what he had already written on Twitter.

And last night, a Linfield spokesman said the full facts had not yet been established.

Boyce explained on Twitter he had been watching alongside Linfield fans after receiving tickets from one of the team's squad.

"The irony is that a Linfield player was friendly enough to give us his tickets. Still in shock," he said.

Boyce added that the supporter who abused him and Devlin "was a man at least 30 with about three friends and a kid aged about 12".

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