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Cloud cover set to block Northern Ireland's view of rare blood moon

Stargazers in Northern Ireland could miss out on a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the lunar eclipse when it appears on Friday.

The total lunar eclipse, expected to be the longest of the 21st century, is expected to take place on Friday and will see the moon turn blood red.

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The celestial event comes as a result of the alignment between the moon, Earth and the sun, and will be visible across the UK and parts of the Eastern hemisphere.

Chances of catching a view of the event will likely be scuppered across the province by cloud cover.

The Met Office is forecasting temperatures remaining fairly high throughout Friday, reaching highs of 22C.

However cloud is expected to thicken coming into this evening with patchy rain throughout the afternoon and an overcast sky preventing views of the lunar elipse.

Moon rise will happen in Belfast at 9.27pm this evening, coming just after the mid-eclipse point, with the 'total' eclipse ending at 10.13pm.

A partial eclipse will follow this, with a shadow of the Earth slowly retreating across the lunar surface until around 11.20pm.

Across the rest of the UK views of the moon are not expected to be much better.

Showers are forecast in eastern parts of the country, making them likely to miss views of the blood moon, with those in the west expected to have a better chance of glimpsing it.

Anyone who misses out on seeing Friday's lunar eclipse can be reassured knowing they will not have to wait too long for it to happen again - with the next lunar eclipse set to happen in January next year.

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