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Cloudy outlook for Northern Ireland as UK basks in bank holiday weekend heatwave

Grey skies forecast over weekend with sunnier spells on Monday

A cloudy bank holiday weekend has been forecast for Northern Ireland while other regions in the UK prepare for a mini heatwave.

Met Office spokesperson Nichola Maxey said it sunny spells were likely to be absent till Monday evening.

For the rest of Thursday, May 3, Northern Ireland will stay cloudy with bursts of drizzly rain and maximum temperatures of 13 °C.

Friday will be a warmer day with top temperatures of 17 °C, grey skies and more patches of drizzle although the sun may break through in the evening.

"There's some warm weather moving in with higher pressure moving in from the south, which means there's going to be some fine dry weather in the south of England," said Ms Maxey.

"But for Scotland and Northern Ireland there are some weather fronts painting a different story.

"So perhaps not the very high temperatures of over 20 °C happening in southern England, but somewhere in the mid teens.

"The weekend is looking quite cloudy with some early rain on Saturday and the risk of a few showers throughout the day."

Sunday is to have a "reduced risk of showers" but still with the same cloudy outlook.

Bank holiday Monday will be the same but towards the evening some bursts of sun may start to come through at last.

"Depsite the lack of sun overall, the upside is that the pollen count will be quite low and there's and the risk of UV rays is substantially reduced," she said.

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