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Club night's fake 'eviction letter' slammed

By Victoria Leonard

Fake eviction notices which were circulated to Holylands and Stranmillis residents as part of a promotional stunt for a club night have been slammed.

The letter, which appears to be written on headed paper featuring part of the Queen's University logo, warns residents that their address has been noted due to a "continual breach of appropriate behaviour standards" during this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Purportedly acting on behalf of the 'University Residential Liaison Office,' the letter says that the body has been "left with no other choice but to serve you with an eviction notice as part of the Residents, Landlords and Community Scheme introduced in September of this year".

It goes on to demand that the recipient arrange a meeting with the residential liaison officer in the Students' Union to "discuss your future at the University."

Only in the last part of the letter does it become apparent that the missive is nothing more than a marketing ploy on behalf of a club night at Belfast nightclub Foundry. Inviting the recipients to a night at the venue, it adds: "Bring this letter of eviction to receive a FREE shot on entry!"

South Belfast Green Party MLA Clare Bailey said the letter had caused "shock and disbelief".

"Anti-social behaviour is not a humorous issue," she stated.

"Residents in those areas have been suffering for a long time trying to get this taken seriously.

"Being threatened with eviction isn't a funny issue."

In a statement, the Foundry nightclub blamed an "over-exuberant outside promoter" for the letter.

They said: "This promotion was carried out without our knowledge or consent and Foundry would like to make it clear we take our place in the community and our duties to tackling anti-social behaviour seriously.

"These have been the actions of an over-exuberant outside promoter.

"However we would still like to extend our apologies to anyone caused any inconvenience or distress by this letter."

A spokesperson for Queen's University, Belfast said they were aware of the "hoax letter".

They described it as "unacceptable" and revealed that they had alerted Belfast City Council.

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