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Co Down man choked his father and threw his mother over a table, court told

By Alan Erwin

A man accused of assaults on both of his parents choked and slapped his father until his false teeth fell out, the High Court heard yesterday.

Sean McParland (28) also threw his mother over a table during the violent outburst at her home in Newry, Co Down, prosecutors claimed.

In a separate alleged episode of domestic abuse, he threatened to "bash" his aunt's head in after demanding to know if she had made food.

Details emerged as McParland, of Cleary Crescent in the city, applied for bail on charges of common assault, criminal damage and resisting police.

He was first arrested in September when his aunt alleged he arrived at her home drunk and made threats.

Crown lawyer James Johnston claimed McParland had been shouting about what food his aunt had made and then pushed her.

It was alleged that he told his aunt: "I will bash your head in. I broke your finger before and I will break your neck."

Although McParland was released following that incident, police were called to his mother's house on November 5.

"She showed them damage to two ceramic gnomes and two lamps, and said her son, the applicant, had thrown her over a table," Mr Johnston told the court.

The accused's father also told officers he had been assaulted, the court heard.

Prosecution counsel added: "He said the applicant slapped him across the face a number of times, causing his false teeth to fall out.

"(The defendant) also allegedly choked him and hit him over the head with a 7-Up bottle."

Following his arrest, McParland claimed he was too drunk to remember what happened, the court was told. Mr Justice Horner heard that the mother and father have not made formal complaints.

But police wearing body-worn cameras obtained verbal statements at the scene, the court was told.

Opposing bail, the prosecution argued there was a risk of reoffending and claimed the alleged choking showed an escalation in seriousness.

A defence barrister said McParland's parents both want him to be released.

"They believe he would be better off not in custody, they recognise he has issues with alcohol but feel that if he is monitored he could try to seek some assistance," he added.

But adjourning the application, Mr Justice Horner insisted he needed more than "speculation" that McParland would get treatment.

He told the defence team: "You would need to come back to me with concrete proposals to ensure he has absolutely no contact with his aunt or parents, and that there's no risk of them being beaten up again."

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