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Co Down villagers hail snow hero shopkeeper

Standed villagers in the seaside village of Ballyhornan, Co Down, have hailed a local shopkeeper as their snow hero.

Terry ‘Touser’ Holland has been delivering supplies of coal and logs to the elderly and other villagers cut off by the snow.

The 44-year-old works at his daughter’s convenience store on the Ballyhornan Road.

His daughter Tara explained that the village has been cut off for over a week as only the main roads have been salted.

“Everyone is delighted to get the fuel supplies, especially in this cold weather,” she said. “My dad has been delivering to anyone who can’t get down to the shop.”

The Holland family only bought the shop in the summer but they have been providing an essential service during the extreme weather.

“There haven’t been any buses in the past week and so the children haven’t been going to school,” Tara explained.

“We have been really busy in the shop because people can’t get to the nearby towns of Ardglass or Strangford.”

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