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Co Tyrone man hurt along with singer Malachi Cush in runaway car crash bids to find Good Samaritan

The scene of the incident in which Andrew and Malachi were injured
The scene of the incident in which Andrew and Malachi were injured
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

A Co Tyrone businessman who was badly injured after being struck by a car wants to thank a mystery man who helped him.

Shop owner Andrew Trotter was assisting singer Malachi Cush (38) to his car when a Volvo careered down a steep Dungannon street and mounted the pavement in June.

In a letter published on social media, Mr Trotter recalled how "within what seemed like seconds the whole of Dungannon was there" to offer help to the two men, who are now recovering from "severe" injuries.

"The real reason for this letter is to thank people for the response we got when we were lying helpless on the ground," he wrote. "Nobody asked us who, why or what - they just acted to help us in any way they could.

"Putting coats over us to keep us warm, talking to us to keep us conscious, phoning our family to inform them and numerous other things that I have to admit I don't remember."

However Mr Trotter said he would like to offer a special thanks to one person.

He added: "A young man in a Tyrone football top sat behind me and talked to me continually until the ambulance turned up.

"I could not turn around to his face so I don't know who he is and have never had the opportunity to thank him for his help. If you know who this was please let me know."

Mr Trotter added: "From I stopped rolling down the street and opened my eyes I have found this to be a positive experience - everyone involved, the passers-by first on the scene, the off-duty paramedic, the ambulance staff, the trauma ward in the hospital and even the surgical staff did their absolute best for us."

Mr Cush sustained lower leg and head injuries while Mr Trotter suffered injuries to his head and elbow.

He said the overwhelming outpouring of support, including countless get well soon cards and Mass cards, was "humbling", adding: "It has made me proud of Dungannon."

Earlier this month Mr Cush made his first public appearance since the accident as part of the Feile an Phobail festival.

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