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Coach puts Kyle up for award after top month

by Chris McCann

The Wellington College 1st XV captain is among the nominations for the November award in the Vodafone ‘Try Harder’ Rugby Awards for Schools.

Kyle Agnew (18); is in Year 14 and plays at scrum-half. He was nominated for the award by Peter Chambers, a PE teacher and rugby coach at the school.

Peter says: “Kyle is our captain and he has been excellent in the last four weeks, organising the players on the pitch and during training.

“His commitment on the training pitch and during matches has been an example to all the other players. He motivates players before and throughout matches and has played the best rugby of his school career in the last three matches.”

The Vodafone Try Harder Rugby Awards for Schools were initiated by Vodafone to encourage school players to give their all to the game of rugby, to extend Vodafone’s position as a major sponsor of Ulster Rugby and to encourage the spread of rugby to more schools in Ulster.

Pauline Quigley, head of Vodafone NI, said: “Vodafone started these awards to encourage all players to ‘Try Harder’ and not necessarily to reward the best players. We also wanted to ensure a ‘level playing field’ for all the rugby-playing schools so that they all would have an equal chance of having a winner.

“We are delighted this season to be able to offer enhanced prizes to the ‘Try Harder’ winners, the winners’ schools and the rugby coaches and we hope that with nominations being taken online, it will make it even easier to nominate players.”

Nominations for the Vodafone Try Harder Rugby Awards for Schools can be made by going to . The closing date for the January award is February 10.

The winner of each of this season’s five awards will receive a sports voucher for £300; his school will receive a £500 voucher and will be offered a communications review from Vodafone NI, and the nominating rugby coach will receive the very latest iPhone.

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