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Coast road rescue after cyclist falls onto rocks

By Staff Reporter

Emergency rescue teams rushed to the aid of a cyclist who fell 15ft down a steep slope onto rocks on the Antrim Coast Road just north of Ballygally village yesterday.

Larne RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew was requested to launch both its all-weather and inshore lifeboats at 10.15am after the alert was raised. Larne and Ballycastle Coastguard also responded, along with personnel from both the Fire and Rescue Service and the Ambulance Service.

The cyclist's injuries were assessed by a doctor and a paramedic, and a decision was made to transfer him from the beach to the nearby village via the inshore lifeboat.

The doctor and paramedic accompanied the injured man as the lifeboat made the short journey back to the beach at Ballygally.

He was taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

Larne RNLI spokeswoman Pamela Leitch said: "We would like to wish the cyclist a speedy recovery following what must have been a frightening experience for him."

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