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Cold comfort as freezing weather hits Northern Ireland

By Brett Campbell

Northern Ireland has woken up to the first big freeze of the autumn as temperatures plummeted overnight causing widespread frost.

Temperatures will struggle to get above seven degrees in places today with northerly winds making it feel bitterly cold.

Following a short mid-week break from the cold snap, the country will be plunged again into freezing conditions by the weekend - with a chance of snow.

"Temperatures will struggle to get above 10 degrees on Monday, but for many places temperatures won't even get that high," Met Office forecaster Marco Petanga told the Belfast Telegraph.

"There's a weather front pushing in from the west which means most places will experience outbreaks of rain which will continue to pose a risk throughout the remainder of the week.

"But by Friday we will see the return of much brighter, but also much colder weather."

Mr Petanga said the risk of showers will persist as widespread frosts accompany sub zero temperatures. "There's no significant risk of snow at this stage, but with some showers still lingering by the weekend it cannot be ruled out, especially given the cold air," he said.

The meteorologist stressed that long-term forecasts are difficult to predict but said all indications suggest the second half of November looks set to stay cold.

"Sunday night will be the coldest night of the autumn so far," he said.

"Katesbridge will be among the coldest places, where temperatures are expected to drop as low as minus 6."

The coldest day of the season so far across the UK was in the Scottish village of Braemar where temperatures dropped to minus 6 last Monday morning.

Katesbridge, which is in Co Down, came close to stealing the title when the mercury sank to -4.6 two days later.

"Despite temperatures picking up slightly during the week, localised overnight frost is expected to continue - especially in rural areas," Mr Petanga warned.

The weather expert said a much colder start to winter looks likely as we head into December, but conditions are changeable.

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