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Coleraine grandfather dies in Spain after being hit by lorry


Trip: David McSheffery

Trip: David McSheffery

Trip: David McSheffery

The family of a grandfather killed after being hit by a lorry during a night out in Spain say they are heartbroken by his death.

David McSheffery (47) was struck as he walked home, having spent a night with friends in Tarragona in the north of the country.

The father-of-two and grandfather from Coleraine was an avid traveller and had been staying with friends prior to the tragedy.

His family said they are devastated by the accident and are liaising with the British consulate in Spain regarding Mr McSheffery's repatriation.

Mr McSheffery's sister, Amanda Robson, told the Belfast Telegraph her brother loved life.

"Everything is very vague at the moment," she said.

"At the moment we don't know everything. It happened on Friday when David was making his way home having spent the evening with friends.

"He was hit by a lorry and killed instantly.

"He would have gone back and forward to Spain."

Mr McSheffery returned to Northern Ireland for Christmas to spend time with his mother Patsy and family circle.

He has two children, aged 21 and 15, a grandson and nieces and nephews. His family said he was full of fun.

"David's children, like ourselves, are just in shock and can't believe what has happened," Amanda said.

"He was very popular, a colourful character. He loved life and lived life to the full.

"He was our protector growing up and he will be sadly missed.

"He always put a smile on your face when you met him. Family meant a lot to him and he loved us all very much."

Mr McSheffery worked as a contractor fitting gas lines in various locations.

"David travelled a lot and it is ironic he was killed in a foreign country," his sister said.

"He was back and forward to Spain on a regular basis. When David rang you never knew where he was calling from. We're waiting for confirmation for when David's body will be home. That's when it will hit us hardest."

The news of Mr McSheffery's death circulated on Facebook at the weekend, with hundreds of family and friends posting tributes on the social networking site.

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