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Colin Murray will run around Belfast in a mankini - and he wants Frampton, Lightbody and YOU to join him

"Frampton! Wheeler! Lightbody! Gillespie! Healy! Don't you dare avoid my calls!"

Northern Ireland broadcaster Colin Murray is going to walk around Belfast city centre in a green mankini - and he is looking for volunteers to join him.

Back in February the talkSPORT presenter tweeted that he would run around the city in a revealing one-piece if Northern Ireland qualified for the European Championship finals.

And now, presumably having spent some time kicking himself, he has vowed to make good on his promise.

Murray will walk around the city on Boxing Day with 100 others to make it a tide of green - and pasty white - to celebrate the national team's table-topping heroics.

He has also revealed he will be making calls to Carl Frampton, Gary Lighbody, Keith Gillispie and David Healy to make sure they join in the fun.

Murray also said he has one famous musical name already signed up to take part with him - but has not said who.

He said: "I had two options. To do it at 4am on my own like a coward or pull on that mankini loud and proud!

"I've been involved with Football for All for ages and this is a chance to raise some serious cash!

"I'm buzzing that we qualified and I'm hellbent on turning my stupid tweet into an amazing event!"

Murray called for volunteers to come out and join him, for what is sure to be a brisk walk.

He added: "It'll be a right laugh. Registering is easy and we will have one central fundraising page.

"And ladies, I'm afraid you aren't safe either! I'm asking men to wear mankinis and women can join in too in a green bikini or swimsuit!"

Colin also hopes that he'll not be the only familiar face on Boxing Day.

"I already have a famous musical son from Northern Ireland signed up but I'm coming for them all. 

"Frampton! Wheeler! Lightbody! Gillespie! Healy! Don't you dare avoid my calls!"

All money raised will go to Frame Football in Northern Ireland, which will bring children with physical disabilities together to play an adapted game that suits their needs. 

Murray added: "Come on!!! Almost everyone is off work, it's the season of good will and it's a chance to have a proper laugh along the way! 

"It'll be Baltic but the walk will be brisk and short and the result will be warm and wonderful!"

To sign up - and find out where to get your mankini - go to the IFA.

You can donate to the charity here.

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