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Colleague pays moving tribute to murdered PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll on anniversary

The officer was with Mr Carroll on the night he was killed

The police officer who was with his colleague Stephen Carroll on the night he was murdered has paid a moving tribute to him on the ninth anniversary of his death.

Posting on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page the unnamed officer asked people to make a nice gesture in honour of Mr Carroll on the anniversary of his death.

The officer said: "for a bunch of small, good gestures to sprout from one dreadful act would be a fitting way to remember Stevie."

The full post read: "At 9.45pm on March 9, 2009 two police cars attended to a call at Lismore Manor in Craigavon. A young woman, her children tucked into bed, was sitting in her home when a brick was thrown through the living room window. This, it transpired, a deliberate act to lure police into the area. As anyone would, the householder phoned 999.

"The officers attending knew of an increased threat of an attack in this specific area. More so given the cowardly murder of two young off duty, unarmed soldiers less than 48 hours earlier. They attended this call for help regardless.

"The first car went to the house. As the second car made to turn in the small cul-de-sac, a burst of automatic gunfire struck the vehicle, fatally wounding my driver, Stephen Carroll. The vermin who carried out this act quickly skulked off into the darkness, their evil deed done.

"A family robbed of a husband, a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather. A unit robbed of a friend and colleague. Our community robbed of an honest, decent and diligent peeler.

"Nine years gone, always remembered.

"To all of you who read this. I'd ask one small favour, in memory of my friend. Today do one good thing you wouldn't normally do. Put a pound in a charity box. Phone someone you've not been in touch with for ages. Make a coffee for your workmates. However small a gesture, do something. For a bunch of small, good gestures to sprout from one dreadful act would be a fitting way to remember Stevie."

Dissident republicans Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton were convicted of the killing in 2012, receiving 25 and 14-year sentences respectively.

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