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Comber residents stunned at murder crime scene on a sleepy Sunday morning

By Rebecca Black

Residents on two streets 10 miles apart woke up to the same shock yesterday morning following a brutal murder.

As the church bells rang in Comber, parishioners making their way to the three different places of worship in or around Mill Street were stunned to see their quiet area transformed into a crime scene.

On south Belfast's Windsor Road, householders were also taken aback as they looked out their windows bleary-eyed to see police cars and crime scene tape cordoning off a section of the road.

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A bright blue Ford Fiesta was at the centre of it all.

Something about this car, parked on the street some time in the early hours, had apparently aroused enough suspicion for a member of the public contact the PSNI at 7.30am.

Upon opening the boot, officers made the grim discovery of a man's body.

Windsor Road was cordoned off in the early hours, and it was not long until Mill Street was also blocked off by police tape. Comber DUP councillor Trevor Cummings described how the reaction of residents was initially that of shock.

But as it emerged that a young life had been lost, the mood changed to profound sadness.

He described Mill Street as a sleepy, quiet area.

The street itself was originally built for horses and carriages, and become famous as the route of the old Ulster Grand Prix.

It is now adapting to the 21st century with the emergence of new apartment complexes.

As sadness prevailed and questions were being asked, Mr Cummings said the swift action of police in Comber as well as Belfast had provided some reassurance to residents.

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