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Come and face me: Victim of self-confessed paedophile challenges abuser to return to Northern Ireland

The victim of a self-confessed paedophile - who fled to Canada escaping justice for his depraved acts - has challenged the man to return to Northern Ireland to face him.

Retired Pastor Henry Clarke (75) has admitted abusing boys in care in Belfast during the 1960s and 1970s.

The abuse has been highlighted by BBC NI news after Clarke was tracked down to his home in Canada by investigative reporter Kevin Magee.

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Kevin Magee on the trail of self-confessed Northern Ireland paedophile who was allowed to flee justice by RUC despite vile crimes  

The BBC revealed Clarke had confessed to the RUC in 1985 that he had abused children from three separate care homes. Despite his confession, the RUC did not press charges against him.

One of his victims, Billy Brown (61) said he had been through hell and challenged Clarke to return to Northern Ireland and face him.  He was abused when he was aged just 12 by Clarke who invited him to his family home, introduced him to his parents and then abused him while he slept.

Speaking to Stephen Nolan on BBC Radio Ulster, Mr Brown said: "You've admitted it. Jump on the plane and come home yourself, face the music, come and face me.

"I'm not hiding from him any more, I'm not scared."

Mr Brown said he was also angry at the authorities for allowing Clarke to escape justice.

"He shouldn't have been able to leave this country to get to Canada. I want him prosecuted - if others have got jailed, why not him?"

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