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Community service for attacker who hit man and daughter at nightspot


A father waiting for his son and daughter to come out of a disco was assaulted on Christmas Eve morning.

David Carmichael (23), of Tartnakilly Road in Limavady, admitted a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against the father and a charge of common assault against the daughter.

The offences occurred at 3am on the morning of December 24.

The male injured party was waiting outside the nightspot in the town and as his son approached the car, Carmichael and four or five other males came up and said, "Do you want to fight?"

The father got out of his car and Carmichael hit him on the face.

His daughter then shouted, "why did you hit my father" and Carmichael hit her as well.

The male injured party was treated for his injuries and lost two teeth from the assault.

Defence solicitor John Fahy said it was a "very nasty incident."

District Judge Liam McNally sentenced Carmichael to 200 hours community service. He is to pay £300 compensation to the father and £100 to the daughter.

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