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Community silence 'aids dissidents'

The community in Londonderry is aiding dissidents if it keeps withholding information about their activities, East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has claimed.

The DUP MP warned that if somebody was killed the consequences would be dire for the wider area.

There are concerns the dissident threat could overshadow progress in tackling general crime and make people unwilling to visit the city after the recent bomb at the City of Culture offices.

Mr Campbell said: "They need to be clear that if they keep withholding that information they are either directly or indirectly aiding and abetting that sort of criminal activity.

"If another bomb or two happens and a fatality occurs then there will be dire consequences for the wider community."

Mr Campbell, First Minister Peter Robinson and Willie McCrea have met PSNI chief constable Matt Baggott in Belfast.

Mr Campbell accepted that many people had been charged with terrorism offences and pointed to the extra sum of money negotiated from the Treasury last year to combat the threat.

But he added: "If periodically these incidents occur tourists will simply not come, that appears to be what the dissidents want."


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