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Community worker to stand in election

A leading south Belfast community worker has announced plans to stand as a local candidate in the forthcoming Westminster election.

Paula Bradshaw (37) is director of the Greater Village Regeneration Trust and has been working closely with the community on a campaign to deliver a £100 million regeneration package to the area.

She is now running in South Belfast for the Conservatives and Unionists, after her candidacy was confirmed on Monday.

And yesterday she vowed to take on the role in a full-time capacity, if elected.

“This election is an opportunity to vote for change, not just a change of government but a change which means we play a full role in UK politics,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“That is why I will act as a full-time MP, delivering real influence for everyone in south Belfast.”

The community leader said there was a real need to “have influence at Westminster”.

“The SDLP has done that by linking up with Labour but has only done it on a part-time basis,” she said.

“I will do it by linking up with the Conservatives on a full-time basis, with our common values of a shared future, powersharing devolution, and a wealth-creating economy.

“So-called ‘Unionist unity’ cannot be delivered by a party confined to only one region of the UK and which excludes people it does not like.

“I am the only real unity candidate determined to give everyone in south Belfast, regardless of their background, a real say on UK politics and on the decisions which affect their lives.

“That is why I am the only candidate offering everyone in south Belfast the opportunity to vote for change — and to change the very way we do politics.”

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