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Commuters are left in right muddle by a big puddle

I, along with thousands of other north Down commuters, suffered for hours in the car yesterday morning - all because of a puddle in Holywood.

With an appointment in Belfast at 8.45am, I left Newtownards just after 7am with hopes of arriving with time to spare.

After all, it's only 14 miles, and usually by going via the A2 Bangor dual carriageway it takes around half-an-hour.But alarm bells started to ring when, by 8am, I had moved just three miles.

At the point beside the field made famous by Rihanna's music video motorists were starting to turn back, some even turning off for Helen's Bay, despite warnings of a flood.

I was also reassessing my options. I pulled over, cancelled my appointment and tried to work out a quicker route. But using back roads during flooding didn't seem a bright idea.

So, I continued the slow crawl amid lines of similarly-irritated looking drivers.

By 8.45am I had finally reached Holywood, and with some curosity saw the cause of the chaos.

Had half the road collapsed? No, what had held up one of the busiest commuter routes into Belfast was simply a puddle.

Granted, the puddle was taking up most of the outer lane beside Croft Hill.

But it was just a puddle.

After complaining on Twitter, Translink advised me to take the train - I would do... had the track from Newtownards not been abandoned 50 years ago.

I finally reached Belfast city centre at 9.30am. In total it had taken two-and-a-half hours to travel just 14 miles and all because of a puddle.

Is this country for real?

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