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Commuting in uniform plan 'suicide' for PSNI

By John Mulgrew

A police group in Northern Ireland has said asking officers to travel to work in their uniforms would be "suicide".

The Police Federation NI made the comments on Twitter following suggestions from UK thinktank, Policy Exchange, that officers should wear their uniforms when travelling to and from work in a bid to reassure the public.

The Twitter post read: "Going to work in uniform? Suicide here and frequently unsafe elsewhere. High price to pay for extra visibility."

A spokesman for the federation said the idea was "absolutely ludicrous".

"Police officers in the past were targeted because they would have worn an anorak over their uniform - it didn't fool anyone. That's why there are now lockers in stations.

"If an officer is off duty and sees something they are obliged to intervene. It means there's still a police presence when people wouldn't realise.

The spokesman said it was a "nonsensical idea" in Northern Ireland and "not a good idea" in England either. "This has obviously come from someone who knows nothing about policing," he added.

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