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Compassionate Maurice Mills deserves gong

By David McIlveen

Maurice Mills is to be congratulated for the recognition given to him in the New Year Honours list.

It is evident that many of his constituents feel that he is worthy of such an accolade.

And in any normal society that would be the end of the matter.

But such is the prejudice held against the Bible-believing Christian by certain groups in this part of the United Kingdom, that their spokespersons search for reasons to condemn rather than to congratulate the recipient of a fully merited award.

Mr Mills's comments, about the hurricane that hit the city of New Orleans with such devastating consequences, ought to have opened a constructive debate on the subject of God's righteous judgement upon a sinful lifestyle that remains contrary to the pure teaching of the Word of God.

Instead, we find some nine years later, a concerted effort being made to discredit those who sincerely believe that "righteousness exalteth the nation: but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14 verse 34).

Mr Mills has displayed over many years a compassionate spirit to all in the community while at the same time remaining true to his deeply held spiritual convictions that have shaped and formed his religious principles. Those who have embarked upon this campaign to attack the decision to award Mr Mills the MBE should remember that the ultimate approval for this honour lies with Her Majesty the Queen.

Their words, therefore, can only be interpreted as a condemnation of Her Majesty, under whose reign they have the freedom of speech.

Rev David McIlveen is a Free Presbyterian Minister

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