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Complaints over election posters left up across Northern Ireland - are there any in your street?

By Michael Sheils McNamee

Members of the public across Northern Ireland have expressed their annoyance at a failure by political parties to take down their election posters in time.

There have been reports of posters still left up in a number of constituencies, including Foyle, Belfast North and Belfast South.

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A spokesperson for the Electoral Commission confirmed that it had received complaints from members of the public about the issue.

According to rules laid out by the Electoral Commission, parties are required to have removed their posters from lamp posts within two weeks of polling day - meaning they should have been taken down by last Thursday.

The posters that are currently posing an issue were used in the General Election on 8 June.

The responsibility for enforcing regulation of election posters lies with the planning departments of the local councils.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, a representative of the DUP in Foyle said that it generally made efforts to have all of its posters down within a day or two after the election, and that it was aware that some other parties had posters up after the deadline.

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A spokesperson for the Alliance Party said: "as far as we are aware, all of our posters are down".

Prior to the deadline last week, the party put a call out on social media and through its members' network for anyone that had noticed any of their posters that were still up to alert them.

A spokesperson for the SDLP said that candidates and campaign "make every effort" to get the posters down within the alloted two weeks.

"It is possible, however, that candidates will miss a few posters across an entire constituency so we’d encourage members of the public to contact local teams if they spot any we’ve missed so they can be taken down as quickly as possible."

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