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Concern at ‘baiting’ of dogs in Bangor

By Brian Lovett

There has been a significant increase in the number of calls being made to the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig recently expressing concern over the wellbeing of cats in the Rathgill area of Bangor.

The sanctuary confirmed the news after a number of local residents contacted The CT over alleged dog ‘baiting’ in the area.

Manager at the sanctuary, Heather Oliver, said there was “no doubt” dog baiting was occurring in the area and further afield.

“We have received a number of calls in recent weeks concerning the welfare of cats in the Rathgill area,”she said.

“These are family pets that are being used in this practice which is horrendous in its nature.”

According to one resident in Rathgill, a number of cats have went missing from the area, including a relative’s pet.

She told The CT: “This has all been occurring since last summer.

“Firstly I found cat fur — not just fluff but clumps of fur — in the field. A few weeks later I discovered a pool of fresh blood beside more fur,” she said.

“Then in October I discovered a relative’s cat mutilated.”

The resident said she believed a number of men had been taking dogs to a nearby field in the evening to take part in dog ‘baiting’.

“You see men leading these Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs out of the field and the animals are so hyper,” she added.

Another resident said she awoke in the early hours of the morning recently to see a number of men trying to get a cat from up a tree.

Despite these reports, a spokesman for the PSNI said there was no record of such incidents being reported to police in Bangor.

A spokesman for the USPCA said: “The ‘baiting' of dogs using cats is not commonplace.

“However there are people capable of finding perverted pleasure in animal suffering.

“Any concerns should be reported to the local police or to the USPCA on 07739948520.”

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