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Concern for Derry's Walls after graffiti attack

By Donna Deeney

A group set up to promote and protect the historic Derry Walls has hit out at vandals who sprayed graffiti along a stretch that overlooks the Bogside area of the city.

The slogan 'End Supergrass TR' daubed this week is the most recent attack on the Walls which is costing thousands to clean up as well as causing untold damage to the fabric of the historic monument.

Mark Lusby, Coordinator for the Friends of the Derry Walls, said: " It isn't just the damage done by the paint that we have to worry about, it is also the damage done by the chemicals needed to remove the paint and you can actually see this when you look at where graffiti has been before.

"Just because this is a huge monument, doesn't mean it isn't fragile so it is so important that we all look on these walls as part of our shared history and take ownership of them."

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