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Condemnation after New IRA threats to directors of PSNI vehicle recovery firms

‘Vile threats’: ACC Alan Todd
‘Vile threats’: ACC Alan Todd
Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

Dissident republicans have been condemned after threatening to kill the directors of 11 vehicle recovery firms they claim work for the PSNI.

The death threats come as the group, the New IRA, said it planted an incendiary device at premises owned by one of the companies last weekend.

Six vehicles were damaged at Creighton's garage in Finaghy, south Belfast, last Saturday.

A spokesperson for Creighton's said they would not be commenting on the threats.

The dissident group added that staff members at each of the firms 'who partake in this type of work' are also under immediate threat and warned recovery firms to 'stay out of all republican areas with immediate effect'.

It is understood the firms listed have been accused of removing vehicles seized by the police from the homes of republicans during raids as well as the recovery and transport of PSNI vehicles.

Those involved in the motor trade have also come under threat, including businesses supplying vehicles and parts to the PSNI.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd confirmed that two firms have already been targeted in arson attacks and called the new threats "vile and reprehensible".

"These are faceless individuals threatening people's livelihoods and threatening services provided to the community, and without any explanation of what their basis for doing so is or what authority they have to do so," he said.

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