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Connswater Community Greenway path dedicated to imagination of CS Lewis opens

By Linda Stewart

Marshwiggles will gather in their wigwams as the latest stretch of the Connswater Community Greenway is launched.

The new path, running from the Outer Ring at Braniel through to the Clarawood estate and Orangefield Park, will be named Marshwiggle Way - a reference to the morose Puddleglum, a character in the land of Narnia created by east Belfast-born writer CS Lewis.

The name received overwhelming support in a public vote to give titles to items along the east Belfast greenway.

It refers to the fictional frog-like people who live in wigwams in the marshes of Narnia in The Silver Chair, which is tipped to be the next book in the series to be made into a film.

Representatives from the local community and schools have been invited to walk Marshwiggle Way today, meet some Marshwiggles, enjoy interactive teepees featuring crafts and storytelling, refreshments and find out more about the project.

Connswater Community Greenway director Wendy Langham said the launch of the latest pathway was a significant milestone in the project.

"It starts to link these lands and connect the greenway through sections in east Belfast," she added.

"The name went out to public vote and there was big community engagement. It's quite fitting in that the path is not straight - it has a wiggle.

"The Marshwiggle was the frog-like character found in The Silver Chair.

"At the end of the straight bit, we have a pond that we have created with a marshy area, and it's very fitting that the name is given to that link.

"We've invited local residents and schools to walk Marshwiggle Way with us to mark that the section is now open. Hopefully, it will be well used from now on."

The new section will complement CS Lewis Square further down the greenway, which will open later this year and which will feature statues of characters from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, including Aslan, Mr Tumnus, the White Witch and more.

Fourteen sections of greenway are currently under construction. Most of the route will be finished by the end of the year.

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