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Consumer: A failure to deliver the goods

By Claire McNeilly

You've bought a brand new washing machine and, to simplify things, you've even forked out a little bit extra for delivery and installation.

But what happens if your much-needed acquisition doesn't arrive at the agreed time – or even on the day you requested and paid for?

Well, that's what happened to Jim Doran (39), a civil servant from Belfast, after he purchased the equipment for his 58-year-old mother Margaret, who lives alone.

She ended up sitting in the house for three days awaiting delivery before Curry's finally lived up to the terms agreed at the point of sale.

Furthermore, when Jim complained and asked for the company to refund the £30 delivery fee, it took it over six weeks to reimburse him.

"The whole episode has been one of the most frustrating experiences for both myself and my mother," explained Mr Doran.

"It's appalling that it took them so long to refund the money I paid in good faith for a service they were clearly unable to provide.

"Then, my mother and I also had to deal with the company's inept customer service because they kept calling her about the complaint despite being told numerous times to get in touch with me."

Mr Doran spent almost £350 on the Logik washer/dryer from Curry's at Forestside Shopping Centre on December 1, including £30 for it to be delivered to his mum's address, and another £20 for installation.

Delivery was due between 11am-3pm the following day, but his mum subsequently received a phone call saying delivery would be late as there was a problem with a trailer.

Later that day, December 2, she got another call, Mr Doran explained, this time blaming roadworks and saying that the machine would be delivered on Tuesday.

But it didn't arrive on Tuesday – nor was there an explanatory phone call.

"My sister phoned Curry's and she was told the order had been cancelled, but that one would be delivered the following day," he said. "It was at this point she was told that once delivery was made I could request that the delivery charge be refunded – but after more than six weeks I'm no closer to getting my £30 back."

After the Belfast Telegraph contacted Curry's customer services we were assured that the problem had now been rectified to the satisfaction of Mr Doran.

A spokeswoman said: "This matter has now been fully resolved with Mr Doran.

"Thank you for you contacting us on his behalf."

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