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Continuity IRA responsible for Craigavon bomb targeting police officers

The device planted in Craigavon on Friday night
The device planted in Craigavon on Friday night

The Continuity IRA is understood to have been responsible for a bomb targeting police officers in Craigavon.

Officers were called to the Tullygally Road area at around midnight on Friday after reports of a loud bang.

A short time later the Irish News received a call claiming that a mortar had been fired at police in the same area. A device was located close to a bus stop.

The call to the Irish News stated that a "horizontal mortar was fired at a passed police patrol" on the Tullgally Road beside Alderdale flats but had "missed its target".

"So there is a live warhead in the vicinity," the caller warned.

However, police have said that a mortar was not fired and that the call was a deliberate attempt to lure officers to the area.

Detective Superintendent Richard Campbell said: "Despite the initial report to the Tullygally Road our enquiries lead us to believe a mortar was not fired and in fact the entire incident was staged to bring police into an area where another deadly and unstable device awaited.

"Although the explosive was designed and set up to look like a fired mortar, it was in fact a booby-trap device designed to explode if moved or touched. Had it detonated the result would have been catastrophic."

The Irish News reports the Continuity IRA, which murdered Constable Stephen Carroll in Craigavon in 2009, was responsible for the incident.

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